When you sign up into  our  Dental Insurance Nc membership plan it sends the office  an email that you know you have any member and it lets you know what they  want you to call them or they’re going to call you and you can people sign up  or like we’re looking at our church and you’re like this is an rotational arts  you know so they find our website.

They send them to the membership plan we get an email and then they call them instead  of the appointment so it’s really it’s been really awesome yeah that is amazing um I am another thing you have is Zurich and I know a lot of kids listed here.

It’s like I not only for that I have  to belongs do you think a CERES machine was a return on investment in your office I think so here’s what I think I think initially when I first got  a sirrah about five years ago I think it was a break because you know what they don’t tell you is you’ve got a burn.

You ever replace every you know eight or ten uses of three like you’ve got a do  oil back then it was the powder there was the you know your Sarah club every month and i was like well this is you know kind of need i hate bringing patients back and getting the NAM and doing this segmentation of the crowns  and i had to do that anymore and patients liked.

it and I mean the Crown’s come out Dental Insurance Nc amazing but once I once Eric kind of continued to evolve where I restore implants now you know my lab key for restoring implants  will – Sarah whereas it was $ before and  I’ll still send an occasional one out.

But I’m doing plus percent of them or my CEREC and they come out amazing I can do bridges with my Sarah there’s so many like higher cost lab procedures that can now be with my Sarah – where yes it’s absolutely a revenue generator and now  that shines kind of come on board you know I think the price it not even shine but all the other great niche

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