Help your patients  full coverage dental insurance a lot more a lot more conservatively than we have in the past with this full coverage dental insurance technology so let’s have a look at the slides I’ve prepared for you in fact I’ve got slides .

full coverage dental insurance
full coverage dental insurance

That he to get through so hopefully we’ll get through them in the next minutes now just a little bit of a background I’m .

A graduate from Sydney University gained my fellowship from the National Congress of oral implantation just sit back back in .

I am also a fellow of the World Congress of micro dentistry as of about and I found out the Australian.

Australasian society focus in implant dentistry about so I invite you to make a note of these phone numbers my clinic number is one three hundred .

double six three and you can contact me on my mobile at any time on oh four one seven one double five double nine five or send your .

Questions to implant trainer at I’d be more than happy to respond to your your communications if you have any questions after this webinar now the purpose of this this little webinar that I put together for is to reveal.

The simplicity and desirability of replacing missing teens with fixed crown on bridge work without damage to adjacent days .

Without raising flaps without pain and swelling in without complex componentry as is the case in conventional implants dentistry and without the high cost associated with that technology with that technique as well turn the interesting.

Thing is that when I speak to patients about the option of having a mini implant rather than a conventional surgical procedure for an implant they jump out and they really we really have very high acceptance rates for this sort of treatment and .

What is quickly show you a short video the gentleman who I met at a conference in California a few years back and I basically spoke to him about the type of work that I do with mini implants and he was imme