That your hands humana dental in a way are tied behind your back because they’re not allowed to discuss policy in coverage in most places generally speaking and so one of the ways to they were expecting that it was gonna happen like they saw it coming they knew that.

humana dental
humana dental

The insurance company was going to deploy that tactic and so that if you can properly educate the homeowner or the business owner the property owner on.

What these tactics are and if you let them know that not only is this probably gonna happen like you can expect.

This to happen the insurance company is gonna contact you and they’re gonna try to immediately drive a wedge now why would they try to do .

That because obviously they’re trying to control cost and insurance companies have preferred vendors that.

They send out to help control the cost of the insurance company so like these preferred vendors are not big huge supplementary generally speaking so they they know how to hold the line if you will for the insurance company and so if you can help to properly set .

The expectations for that customer it’s gonna go a long long way for you and it’ll eliminate potential problems and future headaches with that customer now do you think that this customer is gonna be a good teammate with you are they going to be on .