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Dealing with renaissance dental aligner patients and you have to treat a case for to months yeah the patients are excited at renaissance dental the beginning but if you’ve done clear aligner therapy .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

You realize the last renaissance dental months of treatment sometimes they start fading and they’re looking to be done well if all of a sudden that month cases they six or the month case is.

Thinking seven months all of a sudden you passed their fatigue point so you have someone who can get all of the compliance in for you and you have better tracking less refinements and less case follow-up all right so now let’s talk about the micro .

perforation technique very simple so first renaissance dental where you’ll be performing these so look you can palpate the tissue you can look at the teeth all you want the x-rays are probably going to be your best source and.

The idea behind the micro stereo perforation technique is that the the cutting instrument is the same width or diameter as a tad a temporary Anchorage device the mini implants that are used in orthodontics for Anchorage for the absolute .

Anchorage so to speak it are one point six millimeters in diameter and that’s the same diameter of our cutting edge so the idea here is any place that you can put a tad you can perform a micro steel perforation technique so when you’re looking at your x-rays you’ll start seeing the space that’s available in between the roots and.

the yellow dots on the screen show where we have potential sites from micro stereo perforation and certainly you’re looking to avoid the roots of the teeth you’re looking to avoid the nerve trunk you’re looking to avoid the vascular areas and you’re looking to