What’s not effective folks it was a pleasure thank you for watching this presentation and Major Dental Insurance have a great day welcome to total dental care today is our second in our quarterly series of free seminars that we make available to the public you don’t have to be our patient you can be anybody’s patient we want you to be able to come and get the information that you need to better understand some complicated dental topics today’s complicated topic that we hope to uncomplicated Dental insurance understanding your dental insurance so we will jump right in to this topic the first thing to know about dental insurance.

What it is not it is not anything like medical insurance medical insurance we’ve sort of been trained to believe covers almost everything and you just have a set copay that you pay when you go to the doctor’s office right or at least that’s how it was for many many years the Affordable Care Act has changed that somewhat but but generally speaking health insurance is a comprehensive coverage it’s going to cover most things in your copay when you go to the doctor’s office is the same every time you go right now obviously if you’re in the hospital and have things like that of course.

It’s different but when you go to the regular doctor for sore throat or hurt foot or whatever it’s the same copay every time so it’s  pretty easy to understand well dental insurance also has a copay but unfortunately the dental co-pays change and they change based on what type of dental treatment you’re having done the insurance companies really use three main categories to organize all the different types of procedures the first category is called preventive or diagnostic and that’s going to be exams x-rays cleanings it may also be fluoride or sealants things of that nature most plans pay a hundred percent for that.