ameritas dental network  the real truth of  ameritas dental network  I did that was his driving force more than himself and that’s ameritas dental network  just a testament to who you breathe you pr know I mean that I love you this guy’s a much better image of me than I do she’s guys as always thanks for watching .

I love you very much I’ll speak with you again soon let me know what you think of my new smile your show mirrors Oh anytime bye guys later I’m so excited to meet him at Vicodin so many good people you know that is part of juggernauts not part of the but lay.

Those friends with Jesse and everyone and I feel so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to go meet boogie at Vicodin and hopefully Michael as well and obviously I’m more than thankful to meet Jesse and everyone part of his life and yeah so everyone is just so positive and this they’re just such a good people it’s almost like you know like I don’t really hang out .

With people like you know in my real life like I don’t have too many really friends I mean I have friends but I really hang out them but it’s like I get you know I get all the good energy from watching these guys and I’m not technically

A part of their life but it’s almost like there is a connection between all of us because it’s the same with them that not you know like we’re not a part of our life but at the same time we’re the driving force for what they do and it’s like we have.

this connection even though we can’t see each other really know that like like they don’t know a lot of us exist my bookie doesn’t know I exist I’m he’s like some of my tweets or whatever but he doesn’t really know me but since there’s like.

This this unseen connection between us my line is turning on and off by itself I have one of those touch lamps but it’s turn on and off myself which is really weird it’s been doing that all day this is creepy anyway so stop doing that so anyway um so I just I just feel like.

this this close bond this with them as they do with us and it’s like an unseen bond and it’s very interesting and it’s it’s magical most because it’s because it’s not like you know it’s